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Why Choose Us

There can be many reasons for choosing us, here We are mentioning a few, hope you like

High Performance

We choose, the best DC to provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, vps servers and dedicated servers. We hire highly qualified system admin, who has years of experience with webhosting.

Enhanced Security

Your websites security is our first priority. We ensure with a 24/7 monitoring that your service is secured and speedy. We provide DDoS protection even with our lowest priced product along with many other protection such as patchman.

Best Email performance

Our webhosting platform is dedicated to provide best emailing service for businesses, as We understand that email service is a great part of a running business, We are here for you

Unbeatable Support

We are here for you by ticket and email support. We promise to solve your issue with the fastest possible time, With our dedicated support team, they set their goal to make you smile

  • Simple
  • Powefull
  • Reliable

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High Quality Resources

We design our webhosting plans by consulting multiple web developers and businessmen. We focus on how much resources you get at the lowest price possible, We are concerned about not making any over-selling of any of our goods. We maintain our servers 24/7 and We make sure they do not making any high load, Lets have a look at our services satisfaction ratio updated 10th of every month.

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Our DDoS protection

Budgetoffshore is a premium hosting service in a budget price that specializes in high-end hosting and unrivaled mitigation of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks and other malicious cyber activities. We utilize the latest advanced technologies and infrastructure to provide the most effective anti-DDoS defense mechanisms for our customers to operate their enterprises at the highest availability possible. As the volume of data that exists on the internet grows exponentially, so does the frequency and strength of these kinds of attacks. That is why our sophisticated global network and security solutions have been solely engineered to provide our customers with the strongest, fastest and most reliable connectivity to the world. Due to the elimination of all security threats and cyber attacks, both our clients and their customers can enjoy uninterrupted application layer (layer 7) operations and advancements.

Our Awesome Performence

We use up-to-date technologies and available hardware with our products to ensure the best hosting experience for our clients. Our Technical Support Team is available 24/7 to troubleshoot and serve your online business needs. All our servers are connected to at least 1 Gbps. We use the most reliable transit providers for better connectivity and uptime.

Backups Are Available

Do not worry about the backup. We keep daily, weekly and monthly backup service, in-case you need it ever. We do not charge anything for a backup re-store. We wil re-store it as many times as you want.

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